• The Guide is Currently on Hold

    Due to the current state of travel and tourism, and with so many places having to change their way of doing business or having to shut down completely, the Geeks Away Travel Guide project is on hold for the immediate future.
    We hope to be back soon!

  • About Geeks Away

    About Geeks Away

    Geeks Away: The Geek’s Travel Guide is every science fiction, comic book, anime, fantasy, gaming and horror fan’s tour guide to the nerdiest attractions in America (and eventually, other places in the world!). This site provides state-by-state listings of geek-approved shops, exhibits, film locations and other destinations that no self-respecting pop culture fan should miss.


    This guide is a work in progress. We're adding new places to visit every day. If you don't see a place listed that you think should be on here, please drop us a line using the form above!

    Comic Shops

    Because there are so many comic shops out there and (sadly) many have been disappearing over the last decade, we have decided to only list the shops that are regularly sought out “destination” stores, have achieved some sort of legendary status over the years, have something your standard shop doesn’t feature or users have asked us to include in the guide. That doesn’t mean that the smaller, lesser-known shops aren’t treasures themselves. When traveling the USA or even your own backyard, always consult the Comic Shop Locator Service online or via their handy app! comicshoplocator.com


    If you think there’s a comics shop that should be included here, please drop us a line using the form above

    Fan Conventions

    Conventions come and go and those that stick around usually fall on different dates from year-to-year, so we currently don't list conventions in this guide, but that may change. For updated convention listings, there are many sites out there including conventionscene.com and upcomingcons.com.

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